Almost all the texts are in Italian and English. The language that is displayed depends on the language settings of your browser. If it do not include either Italian or English, you will see English (default).

For now, some writings are in Italian or English only. The translation is in progress.


Here you can select your favorite color combination from those available (i.e. the theme of the site).

In the drop-down menu below, the names indicate the type of theme:

  • The term “Dark” indicates a theme with light text on a dark background
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  • The names derive from the fact that they are elaborations made by me (MG) of the theme “Twenty Eleven” (2011) offered by WordPress. Please do not select Twenty Eleven which is only present as it is the basis of all the others and may disappear in the future.
  • On each device, your choice is stored via a cookie. If you delete the cookies, you also delete your choice and the default theme is shown.
  • On each device, you can change themes, as many times as you like.
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