Sound noise and other waves, heavy rain and light wind, loops like memory turning into immagination.
S.N.O.W. is electronic elaboration of mental attitudes, transformation of mechanical materials.
S.N.O.W. is sonic rapresentation of experience and dream, expression of a moment, through life memories and towards an immaginary future.

  1. and then the rain
  2. snowflakes and black sea
  3. floating under ice
  4. crashing in the S.N.O.W.
  5. il ghiaccio sottile della tua fragile mente
  6. stock exchange mantra
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S.N.O.W. is improvisation, trips in immagination, dialogs with sound. It is a background open to any possible change, sums of ideas or sudden jumps to other landscapes and solutions. Any sound or noise is a new look beyond real.
Improvisation is adventure, mystery and surprise, trip inside and outside yourself. Titles represent what we saw and lived through this sounds, and they suggest a way to those who listen our music, but any idea is possible, because in this colours and timbres anyone can find his feeling.

S.N.O.W. lineup
  • Federico Mosconi: electric guitar, sound effect processing
  • Mauro Graziani: Max/MSP laptop, keyboard


Contact: snow AT maurograziani DOT org